Friday, May 8, 2015


I'm not one that likes to go to the same vacation spot twice. There are too many other places I want to see. However, Bali is one place I would go back to visit.

David had business meetings in Jakarta, so we decided Bali would be a great place to meet and celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary a little early.

We stayed at the W Resort and Spa....however, we didn't spend much time there. We hit the road almost as soon as we arrived.

We were very lucky that our trip landed on the Galungan celebration. It is celebrated every 210 days and lasts for ten days. Balinese celebrate the coming of the gods and the ancestral spirits to earth to dwell again in the homes of the descendants. 


The driver we had lined up, Leroy (gold shirt), is chief in his villiage and could not escort us around. He had his brother, Norman, take us around Ubud. Our first stop was at their village temple. We were able to see so many of the villagers prepare for the celebration. 

The ladies work very hard on their decorations and offerings!

Norman then took us to see the art villages where woodcarving and silver/gold are specialties.


It was incredible to see these artists at work. The handy work is very intricate. I had to bring home one of the pendants that was made there. I love it!

Next up: Monkey temple. I think I was just as big of an attraction:


We left our car at the temple and rode bikes around the area. The women that were not making decorations, were out working....and then they would go home and continue working to get ready for the celebration.


I couldn't lift those 50 pounds buckets of dirt three inches off the ground! The women filled them, hoisted them on their heads, and continued until the entire dirt pile was taken to the rice fields.

We then drove to the rice terraces. Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty!

We had an incredible lunch. I joined right in with the locals and ate with my hands...which seems to be the way I eat a lot of the time anyway.

It was a fun filled day with Norman

David and I spent the rest of our days cycling around.....and around....

30 miles later we ended up at the water temple. I was too tired to take many pictures.

We ended our trip eating at Ku de Ta. A great ending to a perfect trip.

Until next time Bali

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Exploring Turkey

Turkey through pictures

Day One: Istanbul

                                                   SIMITS!!! (Bread like pretzels toasted with sesame seeds)

April is Tulip Festival




Vacationing with our friends, Bill and Kim Wade

Day Two: Edirne, Troy and Asos

Mosque of Selim II

 The only picture we could get of Troy (through a fence). Who knew Troy closed at 5:30???

 Nazlihan Hotel in Asos


 Ruins around Asos




Day Three: Izmir and Ephesus

 I couldn't wrap my head around walking where the apostle Paul and John had walked



Day Four: Bursa, Troy and Yalova


Typical Turkish meal...and buying simits with a twist (with cheese and veggies) from street vendors never got old

 Bursa at the Grand Mosque



 Limak Yalova Thermal Boutique Hotel



Day Five: Iznik (Nicaea, the city of the Nicene Creed) and car ferry back to Istanbul





Day Six: Exploring Istanbul

 Haghia Sophia Mosque

Beautiful mosaic

This marble wall used to have crosses carved in when it served as a church. When it became a mosque, the crosses were chiseled off 

Our tour guide Emre

  Basilica Cistern


Walking the streets to the Grand Bazaar

Taking a ferry to Katikoy for lunch



 Day Seven: Ferry to Bosphorus and exploring Istanbul


Turkish Delight